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In-House Development / Production / Distribution

As a future-oriented company, botiss biomaterials invests in cutting-edge research such as in stem cells and growth factors. We are convinced that the investigation of the interaction between biomaterials and stem cells and/or signaling proteins may pave the way for new approaches to develop innovative technologies and products.

PATIENT-TAILORED PRODUCTS + Innovative therapeutic concepts

Our indication-oriented product portfolio (which includes a range of bone-substitute and collagen biomaterials), our continuous research for innovation and a wide clinical and scientific network, have led botiss biomaterials to become one of the major companies in the dental regeneration field in recent years.


botiss biomaterials aims to set new standards and drive innovations. To achieve this, we dedicate particular effort to the organization of high-quality advance-training programs. For instance, the botiss academy offers several course formats in Germany and abroad with a focus on different topics such as implantology,  periodontology, and soft tissue regeneration. The success of this approach attracts internationally renowned experts, who then share and discuss their clinical and scientific results.


botiss biomaterials offers you a unique systematic BTR approach, the complete regenerative biomaterial portfolio for Implantology, Oral Surgery, CMF and Periodontology out of one hand.

We all know – no single bone graft or soft tissue biomaterial is able to suit all medical needs, biologic situations and indications. A variety of factors (indication, age, hygiene, biotype, bone height, treatment plan) require a sophisticated approach with different, coordinated products.

To achieve optimal, predictable results, we offer you the botiss regeneration system. It includes all long-term proven biologic materials (bovine, synthetic, allografts, collagen, granules, blocks, membranes, soft tissue matrix), matched to each other for specific indications. The products are produced with the highest quality standards and all products are strictly biologic (e.g. no chemical cross-linking). Patient safety, ease of use, reliable and predictable treatment results – these are your and our first priorities. The products of the botiss regeneration system have proven their success (safety, efficacy, reliability) in a multitude of preclinical and clinical studies and, even more important, in the daily clinical work with hundreds of thousands of patients world-wide.

We invest substantially into research and education. Unique innovations and new clinical solutions as mucoderm®, maxgraft® bonebuilder and maxresorb® flexbone, the concept of high quality learning and education with the botiss academy and our international bone & tissue days are results of our partnership with world-wide renowned academic research institutions, global opinion leaders and practitioners in their daily clinical environment. botiss biomaterials, already No. 2 in Europe for dental BTR with a growing global market share, provides the botiss regeneration system via a global network of distribution partners in over 100 countries world-wide. Our distribution partners and staff are dedicated specialists in dental surgery and implantology.

botiss is an innovative, clinically oriented Biotech company with headquarter in Berlin and developing and production sites in Germany, Austria and Great Britain. We are 100% focused on dental regeneration.

We proudly welcome you to the botiss regeneration system community. We invite you to share with us your experiences and suggestions for improvements or new product concepts.

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